About Dave Bell
About Chris Spruit
Dave has been playing guitar since the 70's.  
He played in many bands over the years, the last being the West Side Blues band that
played the club circuit around Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario in the mid 1990's.

Dave has been concentrating on home recording and composing original music since 2001.
Chris started out in the 80's singing with a band
in Germany called the Maniacs, doing around 150 gigs per year.

After moving to England she played in various
bands, the last one being a rock band called
Rhythm Nation that toured across the UK in the
early 1990's.

Since moving back to Germany she has been concentrating on home recording and
songwriting, and has also done some session

About Marty Straub

Marty started playing bass in 1963, the year
the Beatles started recording.

His first time in the studio was 1969 at
Sceptor Records in NYC with The Bouys.
Since then he's recorded in a few studios in
the US, including Nashville and recently in Saturation Acres and 8 Days A Week in Pennsylvania.

He's had a studio of some sort in his home
since 1972, the most prolific being
The Basement On Blueberry Hill.