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"Blue Attitude" is the blues/rock trio of Dave Bell, Christiane Spruit, and Marty Straub featuring all original music. We have been working together since 2015.

You can read more about us here, and read reviews that we have received for our music here.

12/03/2022: We are releasing singles an average on one per month, and have also started doing videos for each new release.

Please visit our youtube page, here: Blue Attitude on YouTube

07/01/2021: We have started releasing singles, seven so far since the Beta Blue release. It seems singles are the way to go these days. Once we have enough we will compile them into a new album, but in the meantime the singles are available on all the streaming sites.

01/28/2021: Our new album has been released!! It is called Beta Blue and is available on all the major digital distributors. Check the Discography for details.

12/13/2020: In spite of 2020 being a crazy year we somehow managed to create 14 new songs. At the moment we are busy making sure all the mixes are as good as we can make them, and we plan on releasing a new CD early in 2021.

09/26/2020: We have just finished our first performance video! See us in action here: Videos

06/03/2020: The duo of Dave and Chris is now a trio with the addition of Marty Straub on bass guitar. Marty is a seasoned pro who has been playing since 1963. I'll update the bio section soon, in the meantime you can listen to his work by pressing the play button on the right side of this page, he is featured on our most recent songs.

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Music Samples (preliminary mixes, low resolution MP3's)